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All departments and customers of Yuanhangjiayun:

According to the spirit of document No. 42, 2014 issued by the State Administration of Taxation, as well as relevant notices of foreign transport and foreign agent, our company will issue a zero-rate VAT general invoice for the agent's international cargo transport business from September 1.(general ticket)

In terms of business division, the boundary shall be the ships that sail or arrive at the port at midnight on September 1, 2014.The previous business is applicable to the current invoiced method (increment invoice), and the subsequent business is to issue a zero-rate VAT ordinary invoice.(general ticket)

For these reasons, the customers must be settled before the end of August, please you in our company before August 31, 2014, the relevant expenses incurred, (open a deductible VAT invoice) as soon as possible, because owner, generation, sinotrans also is asking us such a settlement, such as the August 31 can't timely settlement, sinotrans owner, generation, seized a bill of lading,Based on the above situation, we hope that our customers actively cooperate and support and understanding.

If the business before August 31 does not settle accounts and issue invoices to our company in time.After September 1, our company will issue a zero-rate VAT general invoice at the price before August 31 (tax included).That is to say, if the freight cannot be settled in time before August 31, the general invoice can only be issued in September but the tax will be collected.

Please pay attention to this work, to avoid a lot of inconvenience and loss, if there is the latest documents of the IRS we will inform you in time.Thank you very much

Tianjin Yuan Hang Jia Yun International freight agency Co., LTD


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