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MSK new notice on the operation process of metal pipe/roll/rod goods

Dear customers,

Maersk Line would like to inform you that

In order to ensure the safe delivery of your goods, reduce the box damage and cargo damage caused by packing problems.We will ship all Metal Pipes /Metal Tubes /Metal Bars /Metal Tubes larger than 2 tons to North China (Qingdao/Tianjin/Dalian) from April 20th, 2015(metal pipe) Perform the following operations:

Before Open port (CY Open) 24 hours (working days), please be sure to provide the packing photos, can contact the company using the packing and/or the customer to provide photos, please indicate in email body: the bill of lading number, container number, unit weight of goods, gross weight, number, name of goods manufacturers, the port of destination, port of shipment, the bottom of the tank support batten specifications: long/wide/high) in our company,After waiting for appraisal qualified, can enter port.

2. If your booking has more than one container.Please provide the packing photos of any one of the containers, and issue a letter of guarantee to ensure that the packing methods of the other containers are the same as those in the photos, and your company's official seal will be affixed. Any expenses/responsibilities caused by packing problems will be borne by the customer.

3. The operation department of our company will refuse to ship any of the above goods that have not been approved by our company before opening port, and any expenses and responsibilities arising therefrom will be borne by the customer.

For details about packing requirements and templates, see the following contents.

Specific packing requirements are as follows:

Each metal coil/plate should not be in direct contact with the floor, and there must be sufficient longitudinal wooden slats or pallets to distribute the weight of the goods across the floor.The following list of MMA cargo suitable packing standards is for your reference:

A. Each coil/plate must be secured to the cargo securing ring below with A minimum of 4 staggered wire ropes and two steel clips at the end of each wire rope to ensure that the rope does not come loose.

B. In addition to the use of wire ropes to prevent movement of the goods, there must be wooden supports between the goods and the wall panels of the cases.The bracket is required to span 3-4 corrugated plates (about 1 meter in length) longitudinally.

C. It is recommended to use a wooden pad or top seat to reinforce the floor next to the wooden strip support or pallet of goods to prevent sliding of goods or movement of the support

D. There should not be too many gaps between the wooden bracket or pallet and the goods, so as to avoid the rolling of the goods caused by the unfastness of the binding.

E. When carrying empty containers, the maximum load of the containers selected by the customer must exceed the gross weight of the goods booked by the customer and the actual load in each container.On the door of the box there is the word PAYLOAD behind the box is the maximum load

F. During the packing process, the customer must take more than four digital photos of each box (with the date and time on the photos)

1) Photos of Maersk box number and box information are on the front of the box door;

2) The front end of the box inside the box reflects how the goods, pallets, wooden supports and wire ropes are fixed;

3) The middle and side panels of the box inside the box body reflect how the goods, pallets, wooden supports and wire ropes are fixed;

4) The part of the box door reflects how the goods, pallets, wooden supports and wire ropes are fixed;

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